Point of Sale

No matter what industry you are a part of or what type of business you run, you can count on PayLynx to select the right Point Of Sale (POS) system for you. PayLynx works with our trusted partners to create customized, POS systems for all our customers – no matter the size of your business. Whether you are a gym, boutique clothing store, healthcare clinic, specialty grocery store or something in between, PayLynx will find the POS system that works for you!

No one knows your business like you do. That’s why PayLynx lets you tell us what you need from your POS software. After learning more about your business – the type of sales you typically make, how often you make them, what payment methods you plan to accept – PayLynx can then find the perfect POS system for your specific business needs.

How Your POS Can Work for You:

  • Accept any form of payment
  • Monitor employee hours and build employee schedules
  • Track product inventory
  • Manage customer reservations and appointments
  • Oversee customer mailing lists for marketing and loyalty programs
  • Rest easy knowing that our POS solutions are cutting edge and up-to-date, so your business won’t have to constantly upgrade
  • Easily learn how to use our intuitive POS software solutions, making the switch simple for you and your customers
  • Access a local team of customer service experts any time

Success story from one of our community businesses

I have been with Jeremy for 10 years, he saved me tens of thousands of dollars, never raised his rates, and has provided unparalleled customer support, always there to assist and answer questions when needed. I highly recommend PayLynx!

																									Soft Touch Car Wash
Soft Touch Car Wash


  • We are honest. In fact, PayLynx was founded on the principles of ethical business practices and integrity. So, if we can’t beat a great deal you’re already getting, we’ll tell you.
  • PayLynx is totally transparent. We make things simple for our customers, instead of confusing them with unnecessary information or using fine print to conceal extra fees.
  • PayLynx takes the time to get to know you. No matter your industry, PayLynx strives to understand the unique needs and demands of your business. After you tell us how you want to run your business, we will figure out what we can do to help.
  • Once we know how to help your business increase its efficiency and profitability, PayLynx will do all of the heavy lifting. That way, you have peace of mind knowing that we handle every step of the process when your business switches to PayLynx for merchant processing services and more.
  • PayLynx won’t sell you equipment or services that you don’t need. Our mission is to help small businesses increase their profitability by doing things differently.
  • PayLynx provides local customer support that goes the extra mile. No robots. No phone trees. Just real help from real people whenever you have an issue.

Fill out the form above and someone on our team will be standing by, ready to answer any questions you may have.

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