Who is PayLynx?

Our Mission
PayLynx strives to honor God by helping small businesses increase their profitability AND EFFICIENCY with simple, secure, and omni-channel payments.

When president and founder Jeremy Coronado first started in the merchant services business in 2004, he observed a number of trends in the industry he knew that he wanted to do differently. Not only did Jeremy want to support small businesses by creating new industry standards but he also wanted to achieve that goal in a way that honored the Lord by glorifying God in all his business endeavors.

To that end, PayLynx’s mission is to help businesses, particularly small to mid-sized businesses, reduce their costs and increase their efficiency with simple, secure and affordable payment processing services. PayLynx prides itself on honesty and transparency in every transaction, as a result, all of our merchants are set up with Interchange Plus Pricing, the most beneficial and transparent pricing model for businesses in the payments industry. Our pricing structure is fair, easy to understand and tailored to your business’ specific needs. We help each merchant choose simple, secure, EMV capable payment solutions that allow them to run their business more efficiently. PayLynx gives your business flexibility with no contract and no hassle merchant service solutions. We believe there is no need to lock you into a contract because we are confident that once you experience the value that PayLynx provides your business: reduced rates, simple and secure payment solutions, Next Day Funding and excellent local support, we will have earned your trust and loyalty. PayLynx guarantees no hidden fees and no games.

Jeremy Coronado

Jeremy Coronado

Founder and President

Jeremy Coronado found opportunity in the merchant-services field over a decade ago, for his company and for merchants in general.

Jeremy Coronado found opportunity in the merchant-services field over a decade ago, for his company and for merchants in general. He saw many businesses in the market being overcharged and underserviced by payment processors.

“I trusted the Lord would bless our business if we incorporated transparent pricing, excellent local service and if we put merchants first,” he said, building on a foundation of integrity and earning business referrals.

PayLynx doesn’t require contracts. The company is so sure its clients will be happy with its service, it doesn’t need contracts that lock in customers.

Work Process

What We Do

PayLynx offers:

  • Transparent and honest pricing
  • Tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your business
  • Local customer service that goes the extra mile
  • Freedom and flexibility since we won’t lock you into a contract
  • Peace of mind knowing that we handle every step of the process when you switch to PayLynx

Some Of Our Partners


Customized, responsive WordPress websites with SEO maximization built right in. With custom content and high-quality images as part of the package, your company’s website can be effective and elegant.


Whether credit cards or EMV chips, whether at a work station or on the go, Clover is a payment-processing company offering even more options to PayLynx customers and their unique companies.


For PayLynx restaurant-industry clients, MobileBytes has mastered POS, EMV processing, mobile-responsive online ordering, a self-order kiosk and a native POS app, as well as guest-experience enhancing app features.


Snaptown is a mobile-marketing and hyper-local customer-acquisition platform that allows businesses to engage with, reward and build relationships with loyal clients who are right in their own backyard.

Southland Data Processing

This partner provides PayLynx customers who need this administrative help with payroll precision, easily integrating QuickBooks, to ensure valued employees get paid correctly and on time.


One of the fastest-growing platforms with which to build an online business and accept payments online. WooCommerce is known for its customizability, no matter the type of business.