New Merchant Boarding Checklist

    1. Submit completed application with the following supporting documents:

    Signed appVoided Check (or bank letter)Previous processing statement(s)Owner's Driver's LicenseBank statements if high volume merchantSigned Gateway Only Agreement if setting up Cardpointe Gateway

    2. Provide the following information when submitting a new Merchant Application:

    a. Customer Type - Consumers vs. Business:

    % /

    % Wholesaler/B2B?

    b. How Processing?

    Credit Card TerminalVirtual TerminalPOSMobileOnline

    c. Card-Present swiped vs. keyed-in transactions?

    % /


    d. High Ticket $ and How often? $

    e. Refund/Exchange Policy

    f. Service/Product Delivery? (%)


    7-14 days

    15-30 days

    30+ days

    g. Mobile Devices needed?


    h. Hosted Payment Page?

    i. Clique demo to be scheduled?

    3. Update or Add Merchant record in Zendesk Sell as a Customer and fill all required fields (indicated with *). Account set-up and equipment installation will not be done without this step.

    4. Additional Information:

    a. Type of Equipment to be ordered:



    b. Amount billing merchant for equipment: $

    c. Accepting Pin-debit?

    d. Accepting EBT?

    Note: if yes, merchant FCS permit #

    e. Option for Tips?

    f. Cash back option?

    g. Cash discounting?

    If Yes, what percentage?


    h. Processing method:

    i. Batch Reporting:

    j. Batch Close preference:


    Auto - batch close time: