Financial Institutions

Expand Your Portfolio And Increase Your Profits With PayLynx

Financial Institutions

Partnering with PayLynx as your preferred processor will mean happier customers for you! When you refer your customers to PayLynx for their merchant services, you can rest assured they will be in good hands. Why? PayLynx looks out for our merchants’ interests by:

  •   Giving them fair, low, and transparent pricing with automated Level 2 and 3 interchange rates
  •   Ensuring fast payment processing with Next-Day funding
  •   Offering a variety of safe and secure processing solutions
  •   Providing outstanding local customer support, 24/7

So what’s in it for you as the referring partner? When your customers are more profitable, they will thank you, and you will have strengthened their trust in you. In addition, PayLynx offers a generous revenue share to you for your referrals. Why not send your customers to a processor you can have confidence referring them to, and let PayLynx help build your customer relationships.


Access to the Most Advanced Payments Technology
Competitive, Up-Front, and Long-Term Financial Incentives
Innovative Sales Tools to Increase Efficiency and Profitability
Suite of Products to Meet All of your Merchants' Payment Needs
A Full Team of Sales, Technology, and Customer Support Specialists to Provide Assistance
Our Partners Are Treated Like Family, Not Clients